BrightCoach is a company of talented, experienced, executive business, and personal life coaches, dedicated to helping our clients achieve their desired goals.

We work closely with our clients to help them Move Forward in a unique one-on-one Coaching relationship to create positive change, leadership skills, active self discovery and extraordinary results in their lives, careers, businesses or organizations.

We use today’s latest science of change within structured, personalized Coaching programs to help our clients move from where they are – to where they want to be.

Executive Coaching

Who is the Real You?

What do you Really Want?

What is Preventing You From Having it?

How do you Change Your Life Now?

We make change actually happen.

Personal Executive Coaching develops personal potential, substantially improves executive performance and personal development, and puts individuals on a fast track to achievement – based on key business goals.

This happens through developing personal leadership skills, aligned goal setting, accountability and reaching goals faster, accountability and organizational management, improved decision making, and more effective communications and relationships.

Our Culture & Philosophy

Our Vision:
To help people create extraordinary lives and businesses.

Our Mission:
To provide the people, expertize, framework and knowledge to help people and business leaders create positive change, personal transformation and life success.

Our Key Objective:
To help 1,000,000 individuals and business leaders on our planet maximize their potential to become extraordinary and live their best life.

Our Core Values:

  • We Believe Every Person Has Unlimited Potential. We believe that people have unlimited potential and the ability to live extraordinary lives, and are driven every day to help individuals and business leaders maximize their true personal potential and success.
  • We Believe there are People and There are Business People, and that there are many Shared Aims.
    We believe the purpose of our business is to help others. We approach our business with an entrepreneurial perspective, and understand we must provide value to every client to achieve growth and success. We are committed to do the right thing and follow sound business practices in dealing with our clients, coaches, partners, stakeholders and competitors. We are highly focused on delivering best outcomes for our clients. We do more with less, but understand that we must be inherently quality and performance-focused in everything we do to remain effective and competitive.
  • Our Work is Important & Meaningful.
    We tenaciously pursue new ideas, personal growth, and learning new knowledge from every conceivable opportunity, determine effectiveness, and pass on these new understandings, perspectives, methodologies and knowledge to our clients’ to help them. We will be constantly curious, embracing and rigorously testing new ideas to drive purpose, happiness, creativity and personal growth for clients and for ourselves.
  • We Believe We Must Be Entrepreneurs & Trailblazers.
    We focus on achieving life-changing success and value for our clients, and are driven not by ego but by accomplishments. We make it easy for our customers to do business with us, by listening, anticipating and responding to their needs. We keep our commitments to each other and our customers. We are committed to being a great place to work, and to being the clear preferred choice for those who want to positively change their life or their business.
  • We Believe in Diversity and Embrace Different.
    We believe that uniqueness and being different is an attribute, not a challenge. We revere individuals who stand out, not those who look to maintain the herd mentality. We believe that all people are different but equal, and in diversity of gender, race, creed, religion and beliefs – and the significant opportunities that diverse people working together, bring towards common goals.
  • We Believe Every Human is Unique. We approach every person as a unique human being, and are committed to bringing new ideas, expertise, knowledge and solutions to help each of our clients achieve their unique life or business goals – to help them move from where they are – to where they want to be.
  • We are Steadfastly Driven to Find and Embrace New Ideas and Knowledge.
    We are committed to building a sustainable business and that we must give back in meaningful ways in the communities we serve, and to inspire others to do the same.
  • We are Servant Leaders. Our organization exists to serve others, and we believe a commitment to effective servant leadership is critical to the success of our organization, no matter what the individual role. We believe every one of our people is a servant leader, will be treated like one and is expected to act like one. We seek people who care about others and like to operate collaboratively, and can help build an institution that allows people to thrive, and to be more whole.
  • We are Extraordinary People Doing Extraordinary Work. We are unreasonably selective about our peers, and know that to achieve success, our people must be and bring the best of ourselves and partners, – single-mindedly focused on helping our clients’ achieve their needs. Our Coaches must be the best-of-the-best, not only as smart, experienced and highly educated people, but as unique, caring and compassionate individuals – striving daily to create success with our clients. We realize that their recruitment, training, certification and ongoing interactions must reflect excellence in curriculum, systems and internal support. We realize that our internal support must be action-based and extraordinary, our brand-building, spheres of influence and marketing must be industry-best, and we are clear that our customers will never love our company until our employees love it first.
  • We Accept Change is a Constant and Embrace Innovation as Differentiator. We realize that change is sometimes difficult to manage, but a fact of life for people and businesses today. We believe that new thinking can come from anywhere, and that we must explore and embrace new ideas and concepts as a critical element to enable ongoing innovation and continued success.
  • We Exist to Create New Opportunities and Better Lives for Millions of People Across the Planet. We exist to help people to grow and succeed, andmake a difference in the world to the lives, businesses and communities we serve. We will create new opportunities and better lives for millions of people in many countries – both outside our Company and also to those within our organization. We believe our identity comes from helping people through the pursuit of our vision and purpose.
  • We Know that the Human Mind Organizes, Develops and Expands along Multiple Parallel Intelligences and Lines of Development.
    We believe that people naturally develop, but that we can enhance and accelerate this personal development to help create better lives and businesses. We know that the human mind organizes, develops and expands along multiple parallel intelligences and lines of development (cognitive, emotional, aesthetic, kinesthetic, ethical, and spiritual, etc), and we will be the premier source of human performance knowledge and delivery systems to convey and communicate this insight in simple, easy-to-understand modules, components and content.
  • We Believe that We Are Responsible to Give Back to People and Planet.
    We believe that work is meaningful, and that effectively and positively contributing to work gives meaning to people’s lives. At all levels of the organization, we connect work with things people find inherently meaningful. These include developing oneself, creating something excellent, positive social impact and contributing to selflessly serving other people. We believe in work and life, not work vs. life, and are committed to a positive collaborative environment, effective infrastructure and practices that create conditions that help develop people into greater levels of understanding and wholeness. We believe that our company is responsible for helping our people be happy and live impactful

Why BrightCoach?

We are a company of smart, talented Business and Life Coaches, dedicated every day to helping you achieve your goals.

We are a company of smart, talented Business and Life Coaches, dedicated every day to helping you achieve your goals.Working with a professional BrightCoach will bring you many strong benefits: Fresh perspectives and new insights on business and personal challenges, an experienced, trained personal Coach to help you set goals and guide you with weekly accountability towards their achievement, personal vision, mindfulness, clarity and self-discovery, enhanced decision-making skills, new leadership and life abilities, greater interpersonal and career effectiveness, increased personal confidence, happiness and success.


Your BrightCoach will work closely with you as a trusted confidante and Change Agent, moving you beyond where you are, to determine a personalized vision for what you want to do, where you’d like to go, and which paths, strategies or personal change holds the greatest promise for a fulfilling, meaningful life or business. Your BrightCoach will help you remove outdated ideas and beliefs that may be holding you back, help you understand and remove these obsolete rules and limitations, and create action towards personal change.

A Clear Vision of Who You are and Where You Want to Go
A New Perspective on Yourself
Enriched Relationships + Influence
Improved Leadership + Decision-Making
Enhanced Life + Business Planning
Drive + Achievement
Strategic Planning
Better Personal Discipline
Lowered Stress through a Clear Personal Vision and Plan to Achieve
Improved Personal + Business Organizational Management
Improved Personal Happiness

How it Works.



Discuss business & personal needs and wants. Leader personality self assessment. Determine & align expectations, roles, and general coaching goals. Set baseline to measure ROI/KPMs and link to business goals. Determine executives preferred learning style. Review personal development, management development, self reflection, leadership skills & path to success.


Leadership development profile, personality self assessment and 360 degree assessment. Discuss specific business and interpersonal challenges, and create and work through a personal development plan.


Determine various personal goals including; income & financial, personal lifestyle, life purpose, family, relationships and network, wealth building, personal development, life balance, career planning, skills and proficiencies, management skills, health, equity, reputation, exit strategy, succession and others.


Primary business objectives, SWOT Analysis, Vision + Purpose, Core Beliefs, Performance Metrics, Financial Goals, Elevator Pitch, Key Success Factors


Our goal is to provide you excellent value in Coaching and Life or Business Change.

Our BrightCoaches are highly qualified and experienced, working within a carefully designed process to make change happen as quickly as possible. We have several levels of Coaches, and Life Coaching fees typically range from $100 – $200 per hour with four 60-minute sessions per month. Our Executive Coaching is typically $1,500 per month with two to three one-on-one sessions per month, and a four hour peer group Coached session.

Our BrightCoaches

Life + Business Transformation Coaching.
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Enhanced leadership and life capabilities.
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Dedicated to helping you achieve your goals.
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Make change actually happen.
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Active self-discovery.
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Set goals and guide you with weekly accountability.
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BrightCoaches are one in a hundred.

Each BrightCoach is carefully vetted, goes through a rigorous, careful and critical examination of their business leadership experience, life experience, personal values, character and motivations to be hand selected from applicants.

They then go through an intense training and accreditation program, plus significant ongoing personal development, training, and research.

Our Coach Mentoring Program

Our BrightCoaches each Mentor 3 young people.

BrightCoaches are servant leaders.

Each is carefully vetted, goes through a rigorous, careful and critical examination of their business leadership experience, life experience, personal values, character and motivations to be hand selected from applicants.

They then go through an intense training and accreditation program, plus significant ongoing personal development, training, and research.

In addition, each of our BrightCoaches choses at least 3 people they work with closely to personally mentor at no fee. This is giving back and servant leadership at its best – helping to create extraordinary lives.

Mentoring enhances a sense of pride, self esteem and confidence
Mentoring develops leadership skills, habits, and drive.
Personal Coaching is proven to create positive change in both Business and in Private Life.

Giving back.

The oceans.
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Small business.
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Operating sustainably.
Acting responsibly. Social + environmental.
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Social responsibility.
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Education + human rights.
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The planet.
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