Laguna Beach, California: BrightCoach, a rapidly growing Southern California innovator in the Coaching industry, will launch a crowdfunding campaign to fund its rapid growth. BrightCoach has chosen IndieGoGo, the first crowdfunding company, and now a leader in global crowdfunding.

“As a small business, we will raise important operating and growth capital, create awareness and get buy-in from thousands of people online, who are motivated to help businesses like ours make our idea a reality with the power of the crowd,” said BrightCoach’s Founder and CEO, Peter Ashworth.

“BrightCoach is growing fast. The money we raise through this Indiegogo campaign will be used to build our infrastructure including hiring talented executives and support staff who will work in the areas of operations, marketing, finance, media and training,” said Ashworth. “Additionally we will add intelligent technologies and sophisticated personalized marketing capabilities, also further the advancement of our business and life coaching curriculums, while recruiting and onboarding some of the brightest minds as our new BrightCoaches.”

The campaign will run only 40 days beginning January 2 nd 2016, and will involve up to 30,000 people across the US and the world. Each potential contributor, will be encouraged and incented to donate small amounts, anywhere from $25 to $500 or more to support the growth and business purpose of BrightCoach. Incentives and perks run from life-transforming downloads, to psychological profiling, to actual one-on- one coaching session with Life or Business Coaches.

“Our purpose is to help millions of people in towns, rural areas, communities and cities across the planet to substantially improve their lives and create a new way forward to a better personal, family and business life,” said Ashworth. “This is a very big idea, as we believe millions are trapped and limited by old ideas and other people’s thinking, defined by their past. Through the new science of today’s coaching, we can make change actually happen for many, moving those forward who have struggled for years.”

About BrightCoach

BrightCoach is a rapidly growing innovator in the Coaching industry. It is a company of talented, experienced, executive business, and life coaches, dedicated to helping our clients achieve their desired goals. BrightCoach works closely with our clients to help them move forward in a unique one-on- one Coaching relationship to create positive change, leadership skills, active self-discovery and extraordinary results in their lives, careers, businesses or organizations. BrightCoach has developed a unique Coaching methodology combining today’s latest science of change within structured, personalized Coaching programs, to help our clients move from where they are - to where they want to be.

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