Executive Coaching creates business performance.

A business experienced, neutral, third party coach, whose only function is to help move you from where you are… to where you want to be, and is solely focused on specific business goals that you want to achieve.


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We make change
actually happen.

Personal Executive Coaching develops personal potential, substantially improves executive performance and personal development, and puts individuals on a fast track to achievement – based on key business goals.

This happens through developing personal leadership skills, aligned goal setting, accountability and reaching goals faster, accountability and organizational management, improved decision making, and more effective communications and relationships.

Entrepreneur Coaching.

Personal Coaching for Experienced & Startup Entrepreneurs

fast-track leadership development
strategic thinking and strategic planning skills
enhanced leadership and creative thinking
cash flow and financial management
goal based decision-making and performance management
ability to inspire and motivate teams
confident communication
improved working relationships

Built for business.
Built for people performance.

Addressing today’s business challenges.

Effective Strategic Planning
Business Valuation & Exit Strategy
Your Business Reimagined
Mission & Vision
Marketplace Positioning
Maximize Profitability
Benchmarking & Performance Metrics
SWOT Analysis & Unique Value Determination
Industry Best Marketing & Lead Generation
Build an Effective Sales Organization
Business Process & Systems Reengineering
Organizational Engineering, Prioritization & Time Management
Innovation Capability
Balanced Scorecard

Risk Management
Managing Rapid Growth
Communications & People Management
Scenario & Contingency Planning
Optimize Human Potential & Leader Development
Quality & Customer Journey
Cash Flow & Financial Management
Time Management & Prioritization
Managing by Objectives
Business Intelligence & Information Technology
Total Quality Management
Business Process Re-Engineering
Zero-Based Budgeting
Change Management
Mergers & Acquisitions

BrightCoach Comprehensive Executive Coaching.


Determine & align expectations, roles, and general coaching goals. Set baseline to measure ROI/KPMs and link to business goals. Determine executives preferred learning style.


Leadership development profile, personality self assessment and 360 degree assessment. Discuss specific business and interpersonal challenges, and create and work through a personal development plan.


Determine various personal goals including; income & financial, personal lifestyle, life purpose, family, relationships and network, wealth building, personal development, life balance, career planning, skills and proficiencies, management skills, health, equity, reputation, exit strategy, succession and others.


Primary business objectives, SWOT Analysis, Vision + Purpose, Core Beliefs, Performance Metrics, Financial Goals, Elevator Pitch, Key Success Factors


Correlate insight learned so far, identify key business issues and objectives, define improvement objectives and plan coaching strategy, timeline, and curriculum for ongoing sessions.


Initiate planned coaching sessions, ongoing collaboration, feedback & coaching, develop high potential, personal development, best practices organizational management development, self reflection & leadership skills. Incorporate peer coaching roundtables and one-on-one sessions.


Ongoing success measurement and tracking of key goals to KPMs & ROI.

12 Month Business Makeover Bootcamp.

If you are looking for an intense, rapid program to turn your company around, create growth, build people and processes, and/or create increased business valuation, this is it.

Presidents Club Monthly Peer Roundtable

This is powerful.

The transformative impact of like-minded business peers collaborating together once a month around a table, to solve today’s highly complex, challenging business issues together is profound.

Members of each group are matched based on profile, experience and business issues. There are no competing companies, but there are bright minds, led and facilitated by an experienced BrightCoach who will stimulate new thinking and learning, provide valuable insight, frame issues, guide discussions, and ensure accountability throughout the group.

Impactful individual leadership development combined with the power of a Coach facilitated peer group creates a valuable dynamic of leaders working together on their most pressing business issues and personal skills to build great businesses and impact lives.