BrightCoach gives back.

It is both our responsibility and a competitive differentiator.We pledge 1% of our sales to help organizations and important issues on our planet.

BrightCoach is deeply committed to social responsibility —to creating better lives for millions, acting responsibly, operating sustainably, and contributing to the communities and causes in which we work, live and impact.

Our commitment is to manage the social and environmental aspects of our business in an ethical and responsible way. It is an important part of our culture to “contribute” to the rapidly changing world in which we live and compete. Combining efforts in activities that benefit others, brings people together to share their voice and work jointly for a greater impact in driving change.

BrightCoach is built on the belief that organizations like ours that build a culture of giving and combine efforts with other individuals and businesses, they stand a better chance of driving real change– the kind of transformation that can help solve major local and global issues.

Having a deep, inherent want to give back is part of our DNA at BrightCoach, and the way we choose to live our lives, both personally and professionally within our business. Along with our comprehensive mentoring program, we characterize our efforts to integrate ongoing positive social and environmental impact on our people, our BrightCoaches, our partners, communities, countries, and our planet.

Since our founding, we have pledged 1% of sales towards causes and organizations that demonstrate the ideals and best practices of caring for the environment, small business micro-funding, human rights, the oceans, education, renewable energy, the disadvantaged, health and lifestyle, social impact, and the creative arts and humanities.

Our mentoring program creates significant impact in the communities where we work. We believe having a mentor is a meaningful way to help an individual develop as a leader and as a human being – and also for the mentor to experience the considerable benefits of giving without expectation.

As we grow, it is an important responsibility to ensure the spirit of BrightCoach giving back remains fully integrated throughout our culture and operations, keeping the reality of making positive change high energy, throughout the month.