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Me & My Ball

Me & My Ball

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The aim of this ebook is to offer coaches, both old and new, a foolproof curriculum that comprises 39 activities built around 13 themes that pre-schoolers can relate to.

I believe that through the use of familiar themes and story-telling, coaches stand a significantly better chance of capturing and holding the interest of a 2.5-5 year old.

With the design taken care of, you can devote more time to honing the delivery; and maybe next time the opportunity to lead a pre-school session arises, you’ll be the first to put up your hand up.

NB: customers who have purchased this ebook will receive all subsequent versions of it (containing new or updated activities) free of charge, forever.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Peter Nowakowski
An absolute must-read for youth coaches!

A brilliantly simple, clear, and effective session guide for working with the next generation of football players, fans, volunteers, coaches, and referees. The idea of having themed sessions has been a hit with younger players.
Adam has a great understanding of the importance of youth development and learning through fun!

So helpful🙏🏼

This book has been incredible, not only do the children love the sessions but they are so helpful for a coach as it’s packed full of ideas. It has made coaching younger ones a lot less daunting, so thank you! I highly recommend this to all coaches.

Brooke Middleton

This book wonderful. I always look around for sessions for preschool ages and never have much luck. This book has saved me! It has lots of amazing sessions that are easy to understand and adaptable for those a little bit older. Would highly recommend to any coach who takes preschool sessions

Harry Summerill
Excellent content.

I use these sessions for the times I lead a pre school session and these ideas are fantastic. The children absolutely love them and are genuinely excited and happy to participate in them. They find them easy to follow and understand what to do, they are excellent. Highly recommend!

Steve Greenwood
Tried and true

A great ebook that's presented in a way that's easy to understand. Filled with activities that are tried and true; designed to teach children the beautiful game subsconciously, without the need to 'coach'.

Perfect for parents, teachers and coaches who are exploring the fun and fabulous world of U5 football.